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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wateregio to celebrate general open meeting the 25th June in the Committee of the Regions, Brussels

NOTE (22/May): The date initially foreseen was the 24th June. The Committee of the Regions has confirmed the availability of the room the 25th June. Therefore the date is changed to the last day of the Green Week.

Wateregio work meeting last 18th May

During the meeting of Wateregio last 18th May, the main decisions were the following ones:
  • Approve the record of activities 2008-2009. Acknowledgement to the Istrian Region for organising decentralised activities, and to the members of the Steering Committee.
  • Information about cooperations with the AER and the CRPM, in particular the AER Summer Schoool open to registrations and to contributions.
  • Wateregio will submit a proposal for LIFE+ governance and communication, to be funded as a network. Other project proposals were studied in the meeting.
The next meeting of Wateregio will take place the afternoon of the 25th June, during the Green Week, in the Committee of the Regions. This meeting will be open to all the regions and possible parties who could potentially be members of Wateregio. Also Ambassadors from Mediterranean countries will be invited to participate in a project forum corner.
Politically, the network will contribute to the works of the European Commission on water scarcity and droughts by submitting examples of best practices in the questionnaires sent by DG Environment, and will study the working document SEC (2009) 386 on Climate Change and Water, Coasts and Marine Issues, annex to the White Paper on Adaptation to Climate Change.

Finally, the deadline for the partners to agree with the text of the project of statutes of Wateregio as AISBL expires next 8th June. The intention is to sign the statutes officially in the meeting of 25th June in Brussels. 8th June is also the indicative deadline for the members to express their interest to be part of the Steering Committee.
For more information, the secretariat is available at aalcolea@delcomval.be

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