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Friday, April 8, 2011

U@MARENOSTRUM - eParticipation Results

The online discussion between citizens and public authorities of the participating regions was initiated with the launch of the platforms. The Greek platform hosted by IonR was launched on January 2010, while the Spanish platform hosted by the Valencia Region on April 2010.

With the end of the project in March 2011 the U@MARENOSTRUM final eParticipation results are encouraging and indicate that:

On both platforms 1883 registered users have participated in the Forum with 1313 posted arguments, on 120 environmental topics connected to 21 Public Consultations regarding water protection and management in the Mediterranean.

For both regions most popular tool is the Forum. The most popular Forum topic in the Greek platform was “The most important predator in danger ...” (“Ο σπουδαιότερος θηρευτής κινδυνεύει...”) with 4785 visits. The most popular Forum topic in the Spanish platform was “Overfishing, an issue of concern in the Mediterranean” (“Sobrepesca, un tema de preocupación en el Mediterráneo”) with 1336 visits.

Moreover, registered users participated in the platform with 228 markers overall on the interactive maps, 1005 electronic signatures overall on the 3 ePetitions hosted on the platforms, 619 answers overall in 6 online surveys, while 22 Electronic Letters have been sent to Officials of IonR by citizen-users (no electronic letters were sent to Officials of the Valencia Region by citizen-users).

The online petition tool and the survey tool are the second and third favourite tools, while the interactive map tool is the fourth most well-liked. Less popular tool is the Letters to Officials. To view the U@MARENOSTRUM platforms click on the links bellow:

For further information regarding the project and its activities please visit the informational website of the project at: www.uatmarenostrum.eu.

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