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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Water infoday in Istria

The Istrian Region organised last 23rd April an information day on water in the framework of Wateregio. The information will be available soon in www.istra-istria.hr

The event was chaired by President of the Region, Mr Ivan Jakovčić, and counted on the presence of Mr Oriano Otočan, Regional Minister in charge of international collaboration and European integration, and Mr Juan Manuel Revuelta, General Director of the Fundación Comunidad Valenciana - Región Europea, who intervened as guest speaker.

A project forum corner in the end of the Infoday raised several project ideas in the following fields:

  • Possibility of TAIEX cooperation with Istrian region http://www.ec.taiex.eu/

  • Agriculture: Prevention of burning of agricultural waste, and valorisation as energy (IEE call).

  • Urban water supply: European network of cities for sustainable water consumption, including water saving and safety of drinking water in buildings.

  • Improving of quality of waste water that is spilled into water bodies.

  • Toursim: Standardization and greening processes in golf pitches.

  • Irrigation and other water uses: Capacity building and organizations of water users in the Mediterranean (Interreg and ENPI call).

  • Nature protection: Prevention of uncontrolled waste disposal and remediation of ecosystems such as wetlands and karstic caves

  • Nature protection: Project Eko Teens on awareness among youg people about the karstik ecosystems.
During the infoday, various topics on water in Istria were treated, together with EU programmes. The following themes were presented and discussed during the event: EU Funding strategies; European funding opportunities in the field of water (FP7, INTERREG); the INTERREG program; the FP7 program; best practices in water projects; tips for good participation in the EU water projects; support services in the field of EU programmes and cooperation activities; water Management.

From the political point of view, the network Wateregio was presented as a way to improve the participation of Mediterranean regions in EU water policy.

Contact person:

Dino Babić
Professional collaborator for the development of international projects
Department for International cooperation and EU integration
Istarska županija – Regione istriana
Region of Istria
Flanatička 29
HR-52100 Pula

Tel: +385 (0)52 372 177
Fax:+385 (0)52 372 178


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