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Monday, June 21, 2010

EFIAQUA: International Fair for Water Efficiency

The first edition of the International Fair for Water Efficiency "EFIAQUA" will be hosted in Valencia (Spain) from the 16th-18th of febrary in the frame of the so called "Environment Fairs" that gathers apart from EFIAQUA, Ecofira and Eg├ętica, the first one on environmental technologies and the second on energy efficiency technologies.
According to the statutes of EFIAQUA's steering committee, composed by representatives from private sectorial organizations, valencian universities and public bodies, the Fair aims to offer a new format in which innovation and education will be the main axes.
The addressed sectors will mainly be related to captation and water treatment, supply and distribution, flood control, coastal protection, funding of projects and training of specialized press.
More information on the website of Feria Valencia: http://feria.feriavalencia.com

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