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Monday, June 14, 2010

The fourth LIFE + call for proposals has been published on 4th May 2010, with up to 243 million euros available for cofinancing of projects under three headings: nature and biodiversity; environment policy and governance; and information and communication.
Water is a main issue to be addressed in every component!
LIFE + Nature and Biodiversity
Aims to protect, conserve, restore, monitor and facilitate the functioning of natural systems, natural habitats, wild flora and fauna, with the aim of halting the loss of biodiversity, including diversity of genetic resources, within the EU 2010.
This heading would include the protection of wetlands, groundwater and water as a limited resource.
LIFE + Environment Policy and Governance
This component will cofinance projects that contribute to the implementation of Community environmental policy, the development of innovative policy approaches, technologies, methods and instruments and the monitoring of environmental preassures such as water scarcity.
Water is addressed as a main priority in order to contribute to enhanced water quality by developing cost-effective measures to achieve good ecological status in view of developing river basin management plans under the Water Framework Directive.
LIFE + Information and Communication
Aims to disseminate information and raise awareness on environmental issues, including forest fire prevention; and to provide support for accompanying measures, such as information, communication actions and campaigns, conferences and training, including training on forest fire prevention.
This heading considers the design of awareness raising campaigns on water scarcity in the affected Member States.
Project proposals should be sent no later than 1st September 2010.
Do you have any project proposal? then let's work together!!

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